Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies ★★★½

I am desperately fighting against my lizard brain to not just write "amogus" and call it a review.

Bodies Bodies Bodies is lots of fun. It also, thankfully, is under two hours long, and, unfortunately, a lot less spooky than I expected. I was entertained, I was annoyed, but I really wish at some point I had been even a little spooked. But oh well, perhaps I was just misled by my own ideas of what the premise would lead to. I am awarding that extra half-star for the ending; it's a banger. That ending is incredible, ridiculous, and hilariously realistic.

Also, yes, because everyone else is commenting on it, so I may as well, too: Rachel Sennott rocked this. I still haven't seen Shiva Baby (because I suck) but she was absolutely fantastic as Alice, a perfect microcosm of how the whole film made me feel: I was laughing, but if I knew that woman in real life I would want nothing to do with her.

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