Cinderella ★★

The second best 2021 film whose main protagonist is an aspiring fashion designer.

I kinda hoped that I would actually like this film, against the general consensus, but I here have to side with the majority of viewers because Kay Cannon's Cinderella is a bit of a stinker; it's essentially a Christmas pantomime that tries so hard to be relevant and ultra modern - with its anachronisms, modern dialogue, themes, flashmob type dance sequences, and annoying music mashups and cover versions - and it also fails because the writing is poor - attempting to be funny when it really isn't and shoehorning in those topical themes - and because Camila Cabello is a bit too obnoxious in the leading role, not helped at all by the sub par supporting cast.

I did like Pierce Brosnan, though - he clearly knows he's in a bad film and just doesn't care. And Ben Bailey Smith as the town crier. The two stars are for them alone.

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