Mirror ★★★★★

Achievement get! “Time Sculpture”
Watch all seven of Tarkovsky’s feature films.

Talk about a holy grail. This wasn’t at the library or on Amazon US or any of the other places I checked, but I finally watched my 7th and final new film by this director (my new favorite) thanks to a free trial of the Criterion Channel...

...and it was so worth it. I’m not going to pretend I understood everything as it happened or even that I understand it much better now, but the journey was so engaging and abstract... I felt like I “got” the spirit of it all, and is the mirror motif the most effectively utilized as possible? Probably. It was mind-blowing. 

As with most of Tarkovsky’s films, there are prized moments where I sympathize abnormally much with his philosophical characters, and the moments are otherworldly when they occur. It’s part of why he’s probably my favorite director and why I enjoyed this otherwise abstractly dreamlike movie. It just latches onto you at times.

I am aware of a double standard of mine wherein I watch Tarantino reuse actors and think “Can’t you just use someone else??” but then I watch Tarkovsky’s movies and think “Aye, what’s good? It’s been a minute...” and my response to that is... I’ll work on it.

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