After This Our Exile

After This Our Exile ★★★★★

The end of eternal longing. After many years, the mentor of Wong Kar-wai came back to direct again. When there is an abrupt cut and visual cinematography in a Patrick Tam Kar-Ming film, there is an emotion; a reaction that some viewers could feel, literal and/or within the texture, leading to a realization, complex like an abstraction. He did this through a snap in rage, a victory, a sword, a rom-com, a beach, a gun; a youth no longer without a home. Now, the realization of a youth-long hardship, before and after; every single day, didn't feel real in the ways of how an afterimage worked. In Tam's entire 80s work, we go through a small fragment of a life, waiting; In After This Our Exile, we live long with pain.

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