Glass Onion

Glass Onion ★½

Damn this really sucked and when I saw Knives Out I definitely enjoyed it. I think Knives Out was cool in the way it reversed expectations of our viewpoint within a mystery story (trying to hide from the detective), this was kind of just a regular mystery with one big end of act 1 twist and I thought it was pretty boring watching it unfold and being given information. It was a mistake to focus on Benoit and not just have him be a supporting character again. I thought Janelle Monáe was good and I liked Benoit’s outfits and that he’s queer-coded. The quality felt so far below the first movie. Like someone else was told to make a sequel to Knives Out and they got a little too hyped on making cultural references. Not an ounce of reality in this. Who cares. I love the white album and glass onion is one of my favorites so I enjoyed hearing it over the credits.

Thinking back, I think it truly lost me when the movie invented an anti-Covid throat spray to… get around having the actors wear masks? No one cares and those people just wouldn’t have worn masks. We all saw the Kardashian island vacation in the first few months of Covid. So much of this was deeply humorless.

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