Favorite films

  • The Thin Red Line
  • Duck, You Sucker
  • Beau Travail
  • The Hourglass Sanatorium

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  • Liar Liar


  • The Nutty Professor


  • Lancelot of the Lake


  • The 13th Warrior


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  • Liar Liar

    Liar Liar


    Jim Carrey is required to mug harder for laughs and chew up even more of the set as was usually expected of him during this period of his career.  

    I was reminded watching this of the various directors who had a hard time guiding the energies of The Marx Bros. 

    Like in those cases, Carey’s particular talents here are fired out of a blunderbuss, his facial expressions and physical contortions stuffed in the barrel like so many nails and…

  • The Nutty Professor

    The Nutty Professor


    They don’t make ‘em like that anymore…

Popular reviews

  • The Batman

    The Batman

    Cringe. Makes no sense. Why did he spray paint all over his floor? No one would live in a house like that. Pattinson was on fuckin xanax. Y’all need to get it through your thick skulls, Batman is fash. So much angst amounting to nothing. 3 hours of empty gestures and goofy poses. Why does cat woman walk like that all the time? You can’t go for gritty realism and have everyone acting like cartoon characters. Try hard shit. Anyone…

  • Tenet


    Someone should tell Nolan to take it easy. This shit is exhausting. Can’t believe he tried to bully people into risking their lives in the middle of a global pandemic for this pretentious snooze fest. I started laughing at one point at how predictable his shtick has gotten. As soon as “The Protagonist” (lol Smdh) entered a hotel kitchen and several dudes in suits walked in I started cracking up in anticipation for the pg-13 fight sequence I knew was…