Zodiac ★★★½

Movies Based on True Events 

I could have sworn I solved this mystery about an hour in and was prepared to come here and brag about how much of a genius I am....that won’t be happening. I will say tho I have a love/hate relationship with the unsolved mystery. If this wasn’t based on a true story I may have been a bit more disappointed because I would have actually wanted an answer, but sometimes in life you don’t get one. 

This had great performances across the board as expected with the incredible cast. This started off right in the action and kept decreasing in speed. It got incredibly slow at times. I did not mind that mainly because I really like psychological aspects so anything that will make me think I’ll enjoy. Aside from the slow burn, this had some truly magnificent tension building that become heart stopping and truly took my breathe away with how nerve wrecking they felt. All thanks to the brilliant direction of David Fincher. 

Love how this showed how sometimes when you get a taste of something you can truly become obsessed with it. Gyllenhall’s character who was just a cartoonist got a taste of this mystery and got so wrapped up in it that he refused to stop until he felt this mystery was solved because he felt that if he did not solve it, no one would. As an audience member and feeling sort of bewildered and vacuous by not getting the answers to this mystery I can only imagine how defeated the people involved in this case felt by never getting their answers after dedicating so much time and effort into it. 

Overall I thought it was a nicely crafted movie, and I think with a second viewing my score would increase.

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