Warrior ★★★★½

I see a broken family. I see 3 people that have so much pain distributed between them that they’ve dug themselves into hole so deep they don’t even know how to begin climbing out. I see a man who feels so much pressure to provide for his family that he is willing to put his own health & life at risk. I see a man who wants to be forgiven by his sons so desperately that he’d do anything just for all of them to sit down and have coffee together. And I see a man who has the world on his shoulders because he feels alone and abandoned. Not only did witness his mother being abused, but witnessed her death and had no one by his side to lean on. 

I always like when movies like this go beyond the sport it is highlighting and it has a family element to it. Which is why I loved Southpaw and The Fighter.  Every character was beautifully crafted and the roles were executed brilliantly by these incredible actors. But I have to say, Tom was definitely a stand out. His emotions were palpable. I felt tense every time he appeared on screen. I feel like we’ve all been placed in situations where it’s so hard to forgive and our unwillingness to do so really eats away at our happiness. Tommy was a great depiction of that. Overall incredible movie. Happy I finally watched.

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