Lovers Rock

Lovers Rock ★★★★

Me and my people are in this film and i love to see it 😍😍
Most of you who have gotten to know me well know I’m from the Caribbean so this was a delight to see. Big thanks and shoutout to Steve McQueen for capturing the essence of Caribbean people. 

So many things in this felt familiar. The household felt just like my grandma’s house, everyone yelling, all the women in the kitchen cooking that good Caribbean food, great Caribbean music, the cousins talking smack with each other and your male cousins always thinking they DJ’s making mad noise in the house. Because I currently study in Canada, I have to tone down my accent a lot and I sometimes feel like I’m loosing it, but when I get around my people it’s so lovely to just be. However, the accents and the dialogue was something I kinda had an issue with during this episode. 

As someone who is Caribbean, I can tell when someone isnt actually Caribbean and just putting on an accent.  It was a big pain hearing the poor interpretation of Caribbean accents. Some of them were really well done tho. Correct me if I’m wrong, but was it a creative choice to make the lead sound both English and Caribbean? I guess that was a creative choice, or it could just been like when Kate Winslet kept sliding in and out of her accent in Titanic 🤷🏾‍♀️ either way it was a little distracting.   

Also people that aren’t Caribbean have this idea of how it is we speak and it completely differs from how we actually speak. For example people always think Jamaicans say “yah mon” I have many Jamaican friends I can’t tell you enough how much they hate that stereotype. They hardly ever say that 

This was definitely style over substance and I debated on giving this 3.5, but getting to see the two leads outside of the party section for that little while made me increase my score and for how the Caribbean party was capture (although those scenes could have been cut down). I’m really happy that this showed how much fun we have as black people, not just showcasing racial discrimination we face. Many times with a full black cast that tends to be the focus.

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