Judas and the Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah ★★★★½

Based On True Events 

If i had to describe this film in one word i would say visceral. This was so raw, presenting the story as it is. No sugar coating, and damn sure no straying away from the ugliness of society. Shaka King’s direction was a marvel. 

The title speaks so perfectly to this film. One of the most infamous betrayal stories known to man is Juadas’ betrayal on Jesus. After all of this, he felt remorse for his wrong doing and later committed suicide. This is shown in the story by Standfield’s character Bill (Judas) and Kaluuya’s character Fred Hampton(Black Messiah). Fred Hampton as the black messiah trying to save his people only to be betrayed by someone he thought was a fellow. 

In my humble opinion Daniel Kaluuya should take home the Oscar for best supporting role period the end. This man annihilates every single performance he is in. He is top tier and has become one of my favourite actors. I got chills during the “I am a revolutionary “ scene nothing but shear power, heart, and conviction. He became the full embodiment of Fred Hampton. Stanfield’s performance is another stand out. His performance differs from Kaluuya. It’s more quiet and enigmatic which makes him almost fly under the radar which is exactly the purpose of the character that Lakeith plays so magically.

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