Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil ★★★

I remember seeing the trailers for this movie back in the day and I couldn't help myself by being so excited. Not because the movie was going to be good but because the plot sounded pretty clever.

Here I am 2 years later finally getting around to it....

And I am ashamed by that. I shouldve seen it sooner. The movie really lived up to its ridiculously funny set up.

The movie wasn't deep or heavy on allegories like other horror satire movies like Scream or Cabin in the Woods, but it takes itself a little less seriously and in turn makes it a lot more comedic. But that isn't saying there is some sharp satire in there. The film is still loaded in that department. Fans of horror are bound to have a few laughs here and there that non-horror fans will be sure to miss. Parallel to the loveable hillbillies are the horrendous college kids. These college kids really point out how stupid it is to root for them in horror movies.

They are complete TOOLS.

Some horror villains like Freddy Krueger are more likable than his victims, but every movie isn't Nightmare on Elm Street. Some horror films actually expect us to sympathize or be scared for polo wearing potheads. And I loved how this movie painted them the way they really are.

If you haven't seen this one yet, I'm sure it will entertain you, make you laugh, and gross you out. Whats not to love?

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