Scream ★★★★

"Now don't you blame the movies. Movies don't create psychos. Movies make psychos more creative!"

Ohhhh how Scream is one of the guiltiest of all indulgences. Wes Craven delivered what is essentially a satirical, violent, and hip post modern horror film that almost plays out like a big bloody episode of Scooby-Doo... There are no Spooky Space Kooks or Miner Forty-Niners. The characters that populate the fictional town of Woodsboro are entirely real and they live beyond the run-time of the movie. The old stories, history of the town, and overbearing nostalgic feeling make this a town that will always welcome us in and make our stay comfy. Despite people hanging from trees with their intestines hanging out, of course.

The story here is criminally simple. A robe clad, ghostly masked killer starts stalking and murdering the local teen populace. Their idyllic suburban town is turned on its head when grisly murders send the small community into a panic. The police declare a curfew, shops close early, school is cancelled, the middle aged couples across the quiet neighborhood streets lock their doors up tight, and the teens at the local high school could care less. They continue drinking, partying, and making jokes about the recently deceased. They spout out pop culture references and are aware of the slasher films that the killers are no doubt inspired by. This causes some humorous situations and nice little hints and nods to the genre. It's a satirization of formulaic slasher films but it also glorifies them at the same time. It's blends all of this very well and you get equal parts tongue in cheek satire, and equal parts grisly slasher flick. This is all embodied by the main character Sidney Pescott. (Neve Campbell) At one point she exclaims that horror films are all the same shit. "Killer stalks dumb blonde bimbo with big tits who always runs up the stairs." Sidney is the exact opposite of all of those. (Brunette, small chest, intelligent) With that being said she still runs up the stairs when the killer shows up. This alludes to the duality of the film; a genre breaker but also a love letter to the things we have come to appreciate for their charming idiocy. Scream is a movie about bashing stupid things from horror films but turning right around and doing them. We question these things, but we don't care because ultimately we are here to have fun. Good bloody fun.

In addition to the satirical themes and witty script, director Wes Craven applies his special touch when it comes to creative camera angles, cleanly shot action sequences, and picturesque photography of 90's suburban America. It's a convincing setting with convincing characters and convincing realistic violence. Scream is a great little film to watch on cool breezy nights when you are looking for some good thrills and smart laughs. Woodsboro will always be waiting for you.

Also, side note:

Who the fuck names their kid Skeet?

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