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This review may contain spoilers.

A heart wrenching character piece that focuses on the loneliness of a once prestigious individual who backtracks into the wilderness to live with the one thing that gives him peace throughout the existential dread of fawning for the return of his since late wife. While I think it’s ambiguity at times leaves place for too much contemplation on the many possible insinuations it leads you into, it’s brisk journey through the Oregonian restaurant scene and dark rumination on moving on from past trauma makes up for it. Cage, who gives one of his best performances to date, I feel might see this film as meaning to him what his career and life in general has gone through. Just it’s ups and downs and change in course throughout the years. Wolff, going from moronically selfish to deeply mature. And Sarnoski who we find sitting with one of the most beautiful debuts I’ve seen in awhile.

“We don’t get a lot of things to really care about.”

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