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  • A Geisha's Diary

    A Geisha's Diary

    I’ve always found it touching–and perhaps even ironic–that the forbidden lovers in Yuzo Kawashima’s Hungry Soul go to the Tokyo Concert Hall to see a fictive piece of classical music titled Symphony of the Space. The work does not exist, but the sentiment remains true for many of the Kawashima films that I have seen, where the hierarchies of emotion as well as wealth and class are etched onto the spatial relationships that exist among the characters. Words might be…

  • Brigitte and Brigitte

    Brigitte and Brigitte

    That wild cameo of Claude Chabrol as a pervy cousin truly got me going. Plus Eric Rohmer as a pedantic university lecturer! This has all the marks of a great Paris-set film, which is to say that it is alert to the stimulations as well as the pretenses the city has to offer.

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  • Goodbye, Dragon Inn

    Goodbye, Dragon Inn

    Not to do a phenomenology but I'm glad that I waited to see this in a cinema. Since I sat quite near the screen, my line of vision was framed by another row of seats and spectators. And so, the theater space within the film seems to stretch on until infinity, as if I was breathing the same smoky, melancholy-inflected air as those nocturnal wanderers.

    There were so many little details at my screening that echoes how Goodbye, Dragon Inn…

  • In the Palm of Your Hand

    In the Palm of Your Hand

    I do so love that feeling of doomed inevitability when a femme fatale, all draped in pitch-black velvet and lace, leisurely descends a marble staircase. Everything else in the narrative, from beginning to end, merely splinters from this point of no return.