The Social Network

The Social Network ★★★★★

okay. Okay. i got some questions and number one is this: what the FUCK is it about this movie!?!?!?? I watched it MONTHS AGO and yet still!!!!!! still I think about it all the fucking time!!!!!!!!! WhY?!?!??!!! I'll be making myself some tea or I'll be relaxing in the bath & my brain will just go "hey remember the fuck you flip flops" I inevitably go Holy Shit The Point Three Percent (0.3%) & then I have a MELTDOWN because i'm suddenly staring off into the distance thinking about a fuckign chicken or the fact that mark's "this is what drives life at college. are you having sex or aren’t you?" is a 21st century internet teen interpretation of foucault's goddamn repressive hypothesis oh my god FREE ME FROM THE SHACKLES OF THIS FILM also ya know what? all jesse eisenberg movies feel like a sequel to The Social Network (2010, dir: David Fincher) now and not in a good way. jesus what's happening to me I don't love this movie heck I don't even fucking know if I like it but that doesn't matter bc it's a McFreaking PARASITE anyway ... like ... okay ... ya know that scene where the winklevi twins have a meeting with larry summers the president of harvard & everything is very serious & intense because he is the Literal President of Harvard & they're there to talk about intellectual property & the rights of the individual & they all sit down & president larry summers looks these two gits up & down & then turns seriously to his assistant and yells, again seriously, "ANNE?" and she goes, also seriously, "YES, SIR?" and he goes, most seriously of all, "PUNCH ME IN THE FACE." ???? because THAT SCENE is EXACTLY how i feel about this movie. so please anne. have mercy and punch me also. my god ... fuck you dream team Fincher & Sorkin™ you and your goons have ruined everything.

scavenger hunt // #30: A film selected from The Official Max Oxley Top 100™ (REWATCHED)

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