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  • Under the Sand

    Under the Sand


    The only thing against it I have to say is that some scenes were cut short too fast. I think there were moments and feelings that could have been squeezed a little bit more.

  • Queen Margot

    Queen Margot


    Really surprised by the blood-sweating effect. Also the setting and costumes of this are astounding. Maybe a bit of suspense for the viewer would have been the cherry on the top but it is an amazing feast for the senses.

  • Carol



    Cate Blachett just thrives here. Also Carter Burwell's score.

  • Pénélope



    I love these documentaries that don't try to understand or explain things, they just see them and capture moments and feelings. The photo is not necessarily stunning but great in it's simple manner. Loved the feelings this caused on me.

  • My Summer of Love

    My Summer of Love


    My favorite moment is when Mona wears the red dress, that was amazing for some reason to me. Also the characters are amazingly well drawn.

  • Rashomon



    The way the characters change from the lies to the truth is amazing, because in the last story is where we see humans getting involved in a situation like that, glory and honor are not there, there's just cruelty and fear.

  • The Third Man

    The Third Man


    Okay but that ending scene. That spongebob music intensifying on tense moments, that Orson Welles saying Coockoo Clock. I mean, this is great cinema

  • Leap Year

    Leap Year


    Esto me sorprendió honestamente, el principio es similar a cualquier otra película mexicana del 2005-15 pero luego entramos en una parte que pocas veces vemos en personajes fílmicos. Curiosamente, me sentí muy identificadx sexualmente con Laura (claro hasta que se vuelve francamente creepy) y me vi reflejadx en muchas partes de la peli. Un muy buen estudio de personaje.

  • To Die Like a Man

    To Die Like a Man


    I need a friend like Maria Bakker. Don't know if it's me but I saw a lot of My Never Ending Story (the book) in this. I really liked how the characters are drawn.

  • Of Fathers and Sons

    Of Fathers and Sons


    Derki managed to be respectful while being critical at the same time. I've seen a lot of comments such as "oh it's horrible how they indoctrinate the children and how the culture makes them do such horrible things" well, if you live anywhere in this world, let me tell you, your story is not so different, the only thing is that the violence is hidden while here it is forced to be shown by the circumstances. And this goes specially to united statens and europeans

  • Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

    Before the Devil Knows You're Dead


    Well talk about good acting, screenplay, editing, music and direction. I mean this is amazingly done. And also loved the grain, you know, it gave it the perfect mood.

  • Teddy Bear

    Teddy Bear


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    A great turn on the sex tourist trope. A man just wants to be comprehended, he goes to Thailand with a promise he soon sees misunderstood. There are few things as sad as sex tourism, both from the tourists as from the "attractions". One of the lowest point of human nature if you ask me, in which there's a search for something that is not clear nor real. It becomes a completely trading relationship.

    What we see here is a…