• The Notebook

    The Notebook


    My favourite piece of art from the cassavetes-rowland partnership

  • The Passengers of the Night

    The Passengers of the Night


    frasier core

  • Poltergeist



    this is MY First Family

  • AmΓ©lie



    She’s a 10 but she’s terrified of forging relationships with the people around her! He’s an 8 but he spends all day scraping the garbage out from underneath photo booths!

  • Elvis



    Like every baz luhrman movie it is both very bad (the entire beginning, every use of the word β€œsnow” and β€œsnowjob,” whatever the hell tom hanks was doing) and very good (every musical number, Olivia dejonge). But like…..Austin butler was transcendent. he’s allowed to go a bit crazy now and lose his identity, he’s earned it

  • Mystic Pizza

    Mystic Pizza


    One woman’s quest to sleep with but not marry Vincent d’onofrio

  • The Bridges of Madison County

    The Bridges of Madison County


    When I die I’m leaving my children three smutty diaries recounting my sexual and romantic escapades and if I have none then I’m making some up. I WILL give them their bridges of madisonΒ county moment because I think it builds character. Anyway I like this more and more every time I see it, it’s on track to becoming my favourite movie by the time I’m forty.

  • The Prestige

    The Prestige


    unfortunately this suffers from nolan disease (the scenes are like a minute long, just long enough for the characters to say the absolute least amount of dialogue while still getting key plot points across) but by god does he visually have the period drama touch. if he hired a different screenwriter I would trust this man to do a nice henry james adaptation

  • Runaway Bride

    Runaway Bride


    a woman's work is never done (raising the runaway bride letterboxd rating by logging four star reviews)

  • Summer of Sam

    Summer of Sam


    The real serial killer is the scariest fucking case of madonna whore complex I’ve ever seen

  • Mission: Impossible

    Mission: Impossible


    I've spent the past 20 years of my life hating tom cruise only to watch top gun maverick and find myself utterly charmed by him. to paraphrase christian bale, his smile reaches his eyes in it. he's particularly un-patrick bateman-like. whether tom cruise has stopped being a psychopath or whether he's finally found out how to mask it is unimportant to me, I only wonder exactly when he stopped being the tom cruise I dislike and became the tom cruise that radiates a kind of rugged happiness. so far: he's still a psychopath in 1996.

  • Downton Abbey: A New Era

    Downton Abbey: A New Era


    sometimes the irish republican chauffeur you fell in love with at the age of nine is still your crush eleven years later what can I say