Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace

Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace ★★★½

Hear me out- it’s a visually pretty movie, imo clearer to understand even tho the fools I watched w don’t believe it has a plot, I loved seeing little kid anakin, Yoda talking about anakin was awesome, the pacing was literally not bad it went by faster than Return of the Jedi for me at least (epic 3rd act), I thought the light sabers looked better than the originals, the music was still wonderful, and I honestly felt like it was an excellent setup film. My qualms with it are the same as the previous films and I still don’t understand why all the SW fans like this one an average of 2 entire stars less. Just like the last film, it was vibing at a 3/5 til the last bit of the film when Anakin started being a lil savage in the cockpit and I saw a light saber fight that was genuinely hella enjoyable- darth maul’s theme music and light saber were dubs. Say what you will but the music poppin off in the third act kept me hooked and that was an epic fight between qui-gon, obi-wan, and maul- the fight choreography was significantly better imo. Qui-gon’s death, though he may have been a mere plot device, set up the significance of anakin’s apprenticeship under obi-wan which makes me genuinely hyped for what I know is coming. Lowkey could see this going up to a 4 upon rewatch

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