Gremlins ★★★

I havent seen this movie in probably 10 years. It was due a rewatch. I remember almost nothing about it.

As I expected, the dialogue and acting is pretty poor compared to today's standards. But the disign of Gizmo and the Gremlins is awesome. Yeah, sure, it looks goofy and really fake nowadays but they're so iconic now that they're great.

Similar to Small Soldiers, the Gremlins are somehow able to learn to operate weapons, toys, and other pieces of human technology. While the lack of explanation is noticeable it isnt such a glaring oversight that the film becomes stupid..not at all. I rather enjoyed the Gremlins getting drunk and popping off shots.

Also, Jerry Goldsmith's score is great..particularly the Gremlin theme song. It's so bouncy, childish, and quirky that it fits them perfectly.