• Step Up 2: The Streets

    Step Up 2: The Streets


    white people are so annoying........these two stars are for nostalgia the soundtrack the final rain scene and the jabbawockeez cameo (except they cut it short???)

  • Kick-Ass



    this movie is so 2010.. the italian vibes..the casting (evan peters..nic cage as a vigilante named “big daddy”??) and the “im gonna pretend to be gay to get the girl” part. could’ve been a lot shorter lol

  • After Life

    After Life


    it is a very romantic moment to see the moon and then stand looking at it with someone else and discuss how beautiful the moon is.....

    i'm a geyser feel it bubbling from below hear it call hear it call hear it call to me constantly and hear the harmony only when its harming me its not real its not real its not real enough and i will be the one you need the way i can't be without you…

  • The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight


    christian bale please never speak like this again. u have already cemented your place in my brain as mr. howl moving castle english dub

    also im smarter than all the cops and batman because i guessed the joker’s plans before they even got moving. this movie desperately wants to be copaganda but actually every police officer is a fool and is outsmarted by one nihilist anarchist in clown makeup with some MMA skill so i dont know why any new…

  • Magnetic Rose

    Magnetic Rose


    avec rebecky brady et fher❤️ yes i had to rewatch 2 days later

  • Memories


    magnetic rose aka the first third of the trilogy was my fav (satoshi kon<3) but i do like RELAXN' and the chaotic funk and jazz soundtrack from stink bomb

  • Magnetic Rose

    Magnetic Rose


    so mesmerizing *_*
    -the shining except in space and its victorian? opulent cyberpunk?
    -i've never seen the movie Her but this is that but better because she's a beautiful opera singer siren and because of satoshi kon
    -its also san junipero but haunted and w/ 18th century style decadence..love her hologram orb and the nature interpersed w/decaying tech
    -un bel di vedremooooooooooooo~

    especially pertinent we watched this on the same day that bezos spent billions to go to space for…

  • Cannon Fodder

    Cannon Fodder


    they really are living in a fascist picture book cannon society.. i like the designs of the buildings and the animation style and the typography (but integrating the SS symbol was kind of on the nose). felt kind of long for the concept

  • Stink Bomb

    Stink Bomb


    oh brother this guy STINKS

  • Romeo + Juliet

    Romeo + Juliet


    first time seeing this classique. im sorry i really couldn’t take leo dicaprio seriously screaming out the shakespearean english😭 avoided this for a while bc of leonardo. also couldn’t stop thinking about his dating preferences nowadays and how claire danes is 17 in this and hes like 22? also 27 yr old paul rudd LOL

    yeah its a cute imagining of the story tho i suppose.. thank you verona beach italian extravagance and gay mercutio. imagine if baz made this a lesbian retelling..the absolute melodrama and tragedy

  • Kung Fu Panda

    Kung Fu Panda


    jack black please parody your tenacious D song “wonderboy” except write panda verses

  • Venom



    venom is gay rom com🖤