My Brothers and Sisters in the North

My Brothers and Sisters in the North ★★★★½

such a great watch for anyone living in the belly of the beast, especially anyone who stands for anti imperialist struggle.

the love that people have for their country and the collective as well as their strong resistance against imperialism are truly admirable, and the shots of nature in the DPRK are especially beautiful. i really enjoyed seeing the public art in pyongyang and the babies (i think in the farmers collective) singing and dancing are so cute!!! and i liked to see the textile workers dance break too

at times a slow pace, but maybe that’s because i’m accustomed to documentaries like this having overly persuasive and detached narration and scoring. cho sung hyung’s respect and warmth towards the people in her film is just so clear, a refreshing contrast to most western takes on the DPRK, showing people with normal lives living day to day and speaking for themselves!

to a reunified korea and to the fall of u.s. empire in our lifetime

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