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  • Supermarket Woman

    Supermarket Woman


    if you're ever chasing a man through a grocery store at night then explode a bottle of kewpie mayonnaise in his face for stealing your precious slabs of wagyu beef

    enjoyed the grand theft meato chase with the kind trucker and his neon truck and the egg lady fumbling and smashing a dozen eggs all at once. very sweet comforting and enjoyable overall

    no more corporate supermarkets that exploit their workers and rip off the surrounding community..only honest marts with housewives and working women that know!!!

    criterion challenge (5/52)
    52. any criterion film on your watchlist

  • Earwig and the Witch

    Earwig and the Witch


    - underwhelmed by the magic animation.. where is the fantastical magical realism for the potion making.. the lighting was odd it was daylight everywhere even the bathroom
    -most exciting animation was 2d title sequence and the end credits illustration
    - whelmed by the music cutscenes and sexy curly hair rocker witch ladies
    - confused and dissatisfied at the fast resolution. no lessons learned other than i never want to see worms crawling into a hole in the wall for that long again
    - is earwig the child of a throuple. is mandrake her dad. are bella yaga and kacey musgraves lesbians