Zodiac ★★★★★

Went in for Jake Gyllenhaal, left being wowed by Mark Ruffalo.

Zodiac tells the chilling true story of a serial killer who calls himself Zodiac and kills innocent people in the San Francisco area. The investigation is on and the people on the case are SFPD Inspector David (Mark Ruffalo), San Francisco Chronicle journalist Paul (Robert Downey Jr.), and San Francisco Chronicle cartoonist Robert (Jake Gyllenhaal). Each of them go on their own way to find clues and won't stop until they find the killer.

I had no idea what this movie was about going in and as soon as the movie began, I became invested. Not one minute did I think the movie was dull and it's all thanks to the brilliant writing from James Vanderbilt (are we sure this is the man who wrote BOTH Amazing Spider-Man movies?), and perfect performances from Ruffalo, Downey Jr., and Gyllenhaal. Each act belongs to each character and we see the struggle that they go through to find the killer. Paul struggles with his drinking and drugs, David struggles with just trying to take this person down, and Robert struggles with finding out the suspect and keeping his family safe. Like I said Ruffalo steals the show for me but Downey Jr. and Gyllenhaal also bring it their all here.

This movie was directed so beautifully and smoothly by David Fincher. The man shows that he can take it up a notch with every movie he does. The cinematography was great, there are some really cool shots of San Francisco and some time lapse that go well with the story. The editing and pacing are very well done. The storytelling is fantastic and I just felt glue to my chair and each scene kept me guessing and playing along with the story's clues. Production design is amazing! The 70-80s was brought to life in this movie.

Overall, a great, entertaining mystery thriller with great writing, directing, and performance. No flaws here. This movie is phenomenal 5/5.

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