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This review may contain spoilers.


This film should not have worked: the plot on the surface is rather ridiculous (ok, read: a LOT ridiculous); outside of Annabelle Wallis being quite affecting and Maddie Hasson in her Florence Pugh-ness being undeniably likable, the acting is nothing to really write home about though it's thankfully never bad; and some of the film's elements recall De Palma's Sisters a bit too starkly after the reveal (which somehow I did not see coming???).

And yet, for all that and despite a first 30 minutes that is rather tepid especially for a James Wan film, Malignant eventually crosses so swiftly and shockingly from absurdity to brilliance that it literally left me bug eyed. What more can you want from a film but for it to keep you glued to what's happening onscreen?

What a riveting film. Absolutely unhinged, balls to the walls, and a lot of heart went into it, and it possibly has one of the most exciting final 30 minutes run ever. Whew, this was too much. I FUCKING LOVE JAMES WAN!!!

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