Unmasked Part 25

Unmasked Part 25 ★★★★

What what whaaaat?!! I'm shocked that I've only just heard about Unmasked Part 25 in the last few weeks (thanks to Hollie Horror's review). How is this not more talked about? Unmasked Part 25 is an incredibly funny satire of slasher films, but not in a goofball Zuckery kind of way. It begins like any other slasher. Characters react violently to mysterious sounds. A drunken bum gives an over the top warning to future victims. A hockey-masked killer named Jackson hacks his way through a few horny young people. They're dispatched in a variety of classic slasher methods. Then Jackson meets Shelley. She unmasks him, a relationship blossoms, and he begins to question his murderous lifestyle.

The humour of Unmasked Part 25 is very much deadpan. It's tone reminded me a lot of Nekromantik 2 — it's very funny, but there's a real sadness to it too. Jackson muses over his pathetic existence, how he's trapped by the stereotyped life of a masked killer. Despite his brutal behaviour, Jackson is quite a gentle sort. When Shelley attempts to bring S&M into the bedroom, he finds it pretty embarrassing (a hilarious scene, especially when Jackson consults the S&M manual). What I really loved about Unmasked is that it actually delivers (more than delivers) the gory expectations of the genre that it's poking fun at. The make up and effects are pretty fantastic too. The film's final act and final shot had me grinning like a loon. This is a definite must-see film for horror fans.