Slaughter High

Slaughter High ★★★½

Slaugher High is a super dumb and super fun slasher that begins like a typical 80s sex comedy with 30-year-old teenagers dunking a naked nerd's head into a toilet in a horrifically humiliating April's Fools Day prank. The teens get punished for their prank by their gym teacher. They get (rather uncalled for) revenge on the nerd, which goes terribly wrong leaving him scarred by some precariously placed acid. Years later, the now deformed nerd organises a fake high school reunion at their now abandoned school, dresses up as a jester, and offs his tormentors one by one in a variety of hilarious ways.

Slaughter High feels really wrong. 36-year-old British actress Caroline Munro is bizarrely miscast as an American (?) teenager. Actually, everyone sounds a little weird. There's a dick on screen, which surprising in a mainstream 80s American teen slasher. Then I realised, this is a UK/US co-production. This is pretend America. I kind of enjoyed this — it's like it's trying extra hard to be American to hide the fake accents.

The murders in Slaughter High are definitely the highlight. They're mostly creative and some are quite vicious and gory. Friday the 13th composer puts together a truly ludicrous score, which I really dug. The film is shot reasonably well. It's cut together awkwardly, and its ending screams last minute hack job. But even its missteps make for entertaining viewing. Highly recommended for fans of 80s nonsense and slashers.