Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★½

Someone wrote this was European arthouse mumblecore, and I really wish I saw that review before I watched this, because it really encapsulated everything I disliked about Portrait of a Lady on Fire.

I imagine if I swapped out Marianne for a man while watching this film, I would not find its long silent pauses and aloofness at all engrossing or romantic, so I'm not sure why I'm supposed to eat this up because of the LGBT slant. Also, for a film centred around a romance, why even feature Sophie so much? How did she get pregnant if there were no men around? WHAT WAS THAT SUBPLOT EVEN. Praise the editing that Heloise didn't look directly into the camera at the end or this would have literally been CMBYN. But, you know what, I might have hated CMBYN but at least it had more heartfelt emotion, so -0.5 stars for using Vivaldi in that way at the end.

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