The Last Blockbuster

The Last Blockbuster

R.I.P Blockbuster (1985 - 2014)

"Blockbuster became the dominant beast. It was a name that you never imagined would go anywhere. ... We got to see a corporation built up in our lifetime. We also got to see a corporation die."

Watching a bunch of comedians reminisce about working and hanging out at Blockbuster ... yes please! Being a fan of numerous movie review channels on YouTube, I had already seen a couple videos about the death of Blockbuster, and people enjoying the few remaining video rental stores out there. So I enjoyed seeing that concept expanded into a full documentary that went into the history of the rise and fall of the video rental giant.

I started out as a National Home Video kid, until they accused my Dad of breaking their VHS of 'Alien'. So he bought their whole trilogy and swore never to go there again, which lead to me seeing all those movies when I was way too young. Next we were Hollywood Video members, and were anti-Blockbuster until we were forced to switch when Hollywood Video got bought out by them.

Just like many movie fans, I remember spending countless hours walking around my local Blockbuster looking and chatting about movies. On a few occasions, I remember going to several locations to track down a hot new release or a rare title. I really should have grabbed more Blurays during their going out of business sale.

It sucks not being able to go there anymore and share that experience with my kids, especially when it comes to video games. At least we can still go to the library and look at and check out movies, or stop at a Red Box. Ultimately it is better now that I can instantly rent just about any movie I want on Amazon. But there was just something about walking around a Blockbuster and checking out all those titles that I will always miss. And now we are already unfortunately starting to see movie sections in stores begin to disappear.

I would also like to echo the crazy irony that many other Letterboxd reviews have pointed out, about watching a documentary about the death of Blockbuster on Netflix.

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