The Kid

The Kid ★★★½

Criterion Collection Spine #799

If your looking for something to smile about, you can always turn to Chaplin!

The Kid is one of writer and director Charlie Chaplin's earlier feature films, and is a delightful story about his famous character the tramp finding and raising an orphan.

There are plenty of memorable moments throughout like when the young boy gets in a fight and Chaplin wants him to loose so he does not get beat up. Or simpler moments like the two sharing a large meal of pancakes together. The kid played by Jackie Coogan really lights up the screen with his range of emotions that come across so well. It's fascinating to see special effects they pulled off during the dream sequence toward the end to help wrap of the story.

I have noticed a stereotype some older movies have with characters taking issue with a child being raised by a signal parent. While I did not find myself tearing up about the story I definitely was invested and found it to be a joy to watch.

It is interesting to notice the slight jump cuts throughout, and I am not sure if that was caused by the restoration or simply reflects the limitations of early editing.

The Kid is a really good, short, and entertaining silent film that would be a great introduction for those who not come to appreciate this early form of cinema.

“I'll be back.”
- The Terminator

Happy movie watching ... SKOL!

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