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πŸŽƒ(Halloween Movie Fest 2021)πŸŽƒ
(Foreign language film - French)

Cringe Movie Bucket List

Typically in our culture pregnant women are always treated with the utmost care and delicacy ... but that sentiment is nowhere to be found in this torture/blood/brutality porn home invasion massacre.

"Why me? ... I want one."

I never thought I would come across a film as brutal as 'Martyrs', and then I was recommended Inside, which is sure to make most people squirm in their seat ... even if tons of blood and stabbing don't tend to make you squeamish. In the story, Sarah is a widowed pregnant woman on Christmas eve, who is scheduled to give birth in the morning. But then this lonely moment in the holiday season turns into pure hell when a mysterious crazed stranger forces her way into Sarah's home, and is determined to leave with her child by any means necessary.

Inside relentlessly and masterfully beat my nerves to their breaking point in a way no other film has before, while still having me completely invested in what would happen next.

(Quick Hits) ... Spoilers:

- They nailed the look of how creepy the antagonist La femme looks as she lurks in the shadows. Plus her being this unstoppable force makes it truly terrifying when we are not sure when she will rush at Sarah again

- What elevated Inside for me is how intense the style is to further put you on edge. This is done through some wickedly sharp sound design and editing. Not that the rooms and Sarah being covered in blood, did not have you clenching the arms of your chair already

- You would think the cops figuring out what was going on would mean things would get under control ... wrong answer!

- The puncture wounds and spurting blood in this are nuts

- Damn that scene of Sarah's hand getting twisted through a door and stabbed to the wall was viscerally hardcore

- I definitely said 'fuck ya' out loud during the torch scene

- What was up with that guy ruining Sarah's advantage at the end by beating her belly ... yikes! Apparently, he did not know what he was doing as a result of being blinded

- In any other movie someone giving themself a tracheotomy would be the most intense part ... but not Inside

- Is the idea of a baby getting cut out with scissors one of the most horrifically vile images imaginable? Ya this film goes there.

- We get a truly messed up ending here as we see Sarah's womb cut open with her laying on the stairs bled out. Meanwhile, La femme with her scorched face finally gets to rock the baby she always wanted

- Not long before this we find out that the accident that killed Sarah's husband, also killed La femme's unborn child .... and the story leaves any actual blame over the accident ambiguous

- So while the ending is completely devastating, with our main character being mutilated. I respect the film for going all the way, and not giving us the final reprieve we wanted following this insanity

Is this the most fucked up Christmas movie of all time ... I suppose it is!

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Happy spooky movie watching season ... SkΓ₯l! 🍻

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