Alphaville ★★★★

Alphaville makes much more sense once you realize it is a satire. Jean-Luc Godard mixes elements of 1984, Brave New World, James Bond, sci-fi, and noir, all presented through his French New Wave lens. There even is a bit of stunt-casting by having Eddie Constantine reprise his role of Lemmy Caution, a popular detective from French movies and television.

Alphaville is a city built by technocrats and run by a supercomputer named Alpha 60. Alpha 60 only makes logical decisions for the inhabitants of the city, and any denzian who questions the computer or shows emotion is summarily executed. Lemmy Caution travels to Alphaville to find it's creator, a scientist from the "Outer Countries".

Alphaville is a weird story. Per Godard's style, the plotting and action are not always straightforward, with scenes often being presented in a series of quick cuts or punctuated with images of flashing neon signs. However, there is something fascinating about the city of Alphaville, with Godard slowly revealing more about the city without ever fully explaining exactly what's going on.

If you enjoy the future-brutalist aesthetic of The Matrix or Blade Runner (which has its own unique future-noir themes) than Alphaville is definitely worth a watch.