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  • Limite


  • Ghost in the Shell


  • Emanuelle in America


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  • Withnail & I

    Withnail & I


    Watched September 21st
    On the Criterion Blu-ray (Spine 119)
    Directed by: Bruce Robinson
    Written by: Bruce Robinson
    TSPDT: 508

    107 minutes. A story that almost feels like Don Quixote fan fiction. This version plays like a Whit Stillman comedy of manners as told through the lens of a Hunter S. Thompson level of madman.

    Bruce Robinson is an interesting guy even outside of the movies he wrote and directed. He had a role as an actor in Franco Ziffirelli’s Romeo…

  • Limite



    Watched September 20th
    On the Criterion Channel (Spine 877)
    Directed by: Mario Peixoto
    Written by: Mario Peixoto
    TSPDT: 391

    118 minutes. A beautiful piece of experimental filmmaking.

    The premise of Limite is that three people are on a boat and the movie uses flashbacks to show their life story and what they were doing before they got on the boat. I know this is not the most riveting premise, and I’m sure some people will be bored by this. But…

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  • Emanuelle in America

    Emanuelle in America


    Watched September 17th
    As part of the Severin boxset The Sensual World of Black Emmanuelle
    Directed by: Joe D’Amato
    Written by: Maria Pia Fusco, Story by Piero Vivarelli and Ottavio Alessi
    TSPDT: Unranked

    100 minutes. Whoa, this movie should be called Emanuelle in America: Trigger Warning. D’Amato goes full D’Amato here and delivers an Emanuelle movie made for gorehounds and people seeking out extreme content.

    Just to be clear, I mean like people watching a woman jack off a horse…

  • We're All Going to the World's Fair

    We're All Going to the World's Fair


    Watched October 15th
    On the Utopia Distribution Blu-ray release (Spine 012)
    Directed by: Jane Schoenbrun
    Written by: Jane Schoenbrun
    TSZDT: Unranked
    TSPDT: Unranked

    85 minutes. At.mos.phere.

    Director and Writer Schoenbrun is either lucky or maybe a genius and someone to watch out for as a powerful future director of horror films. Time will tell, but at least for World’s Fair they were able to reduce the experience of going online as a teen into key personal and intimate moments and…