My Top 100 is a rolling list that started in January of 2020 and my Top 4 is fairly set until I see one I like better!

Favorite films

  • 8½
  • Rashomon
  • Adaptation.
  • Dekalog

Recent activity

  • The Grandmaster


  • Anaconda


  • The Sword and the Dragon


  • Daisies


Recent reviews

  • The Grandmaster

    The Grandmaster


    Watched August 6th
    On the Anchor Bay Blu-ray
    WKW: #12 of 12 features
    Director: Kar-Wai Wong
    Writer: Kar-Wai Wong, Jingzhi Zou, Haofeng Xu
    TSPDT: 2,390

    108 minutes. As is so often the case with history’s best directors, this final film from Wong Kar-Wai offers elements of what brought him to fame but is not a WKW movie in the creative sense.

    This ultimately is a beautifully shot and choreographed historical reimagining, even down to a number of black screens with…

  • Anaconda



    Watched August 5th
    As part of the 88 Films Anaconda Deluxe Collector’s Edition
    Directed by: Luis Llosa
    Written by: Hans Bauer, Jim Cash, Jack Epps Jr.
    TSZDT: 980
    TSPDT: Unranked

    89 minutes. A decent movie that delivers on the premise of a giant snake and has some special effects that have actually stood the test of time fairly well.

    Whenever there’s a monster horror movie I always appreciate it when the team gets to the point. We’re here to see…

Popular reviews

  • Psychomania



    Watched August 1st
    On the Arrow Video Dual Format Special Edition release (AV082)
    Director: Don Sharp
    Writer: Arnaud d’Usseau, Julian Zimet
    TSZDT: 623
    TSPDT: 20,699

    85 minutes. Imagine a cross between a Hammer film and A Clockwork Orange that follows a group of bikers as they dabble with eternal life and being reanimated as zombie bikers.

    This film is a lot of fun. It lives up to what one would want out of a movie that fits the description above.…

  • Hooker with a Hacksaw

    Hooker with a Hacksaw


    Watched August 2nd
    On the Culture Shock Releasing Blu-ray (005)
    Director: Donald Farmer
    Writer: Donald Farmer, Kasper Meltedhair
    TSZDT and TSPDT: Unranked

    67 minutes. A fun SOV genre film that delivers on both the hooker promise and the hacksaw.

    So far I have seen two films from Donald Farmer and this is better than his remake of Cannibal Hookers. Kasper Meltedhair plays Kirsten who is a young woman that is forced into revenge and develops a touch of bloodlust as…