Roma ★★★★

For a film presented in monochrome, there sure is a lot of colour to Alfonso Cuarón’s gorgeous Roma.

As visually extraordinary as discussed and brimming with heart-rendering humanity, Roma is an astonishing technical accomplishment but really a rather simple tale: an intimate, raw and authentic exploration of life. With a handful of tremendous performances led exquisitely by Yalitza Aparicio (beautifully nuanced in her screen debut) and Marina de Tavira (a compelling force with in the film), Roma is a stunningly immersive experience - even from the comfort of your own home.

It admittedly took me a while to warm to Roma; the second half far stronger than the first, digging deeper into the heart of the story which sometimes feel overwhelmed by an emphasis on the technical in the first; a far more comfortable balance is mastered in the second half, where it truly soars. I now know what you all mean by the ‘beach’ and ‘hospital’ scenes. Truly, truly special filmmaking.

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