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  • The Many Saints of Newark

  • River's Edge


  • Sharp Objects

  • Boyz n the Hood


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  • The Many Saints of Newark

    The Many Saints of Newark

    i have to watch again to really put my footing in. all the references fucking rocked though honestly

  • River's Edge

    River's Edge


    “what’re YOUR kids doing under your nose?”

    overarching theme changes in a movie fucking rules to me. you think it gets pretty predictable, but in your emotions completely get warped due to an astronomically 80s-esque dramatic scene. less of a movie about a tragedy and just a movie about what moral integrity is. 

    every character in this movie was on an escapade of uncertainty. even our great, tweaked out fav Crispin Glover. he was the sickest part of the movie

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  • Turnstile Love Connection

    Turnstile Love Connection


    maybe have some biases bc i’m in it, but genuinely when i watched it in the theater surrounded by all my fuckin brodies, and all the love, literally was a feeling that i wish i could experience over and over again. brendan did an incredible job directing, and i’m increasingly proud of his growth/visions coming to life. great film, great vibe, big fucking love

  • Saint Maud

    Saint Maud


    where do they keep finding these freaky looking white women to play dese roles??? jesus christ