Spencer ★★★★★

i toured a college that’s two hours away today, and my grandmother was my chauffeur. we decided to make a road trip out of it, and after her graciously entertaining me during the hour i spent trying to narrow down which criterions i would buy at the barnes and noble sale, we finally arrived at the nearby amc to watch Spencer upon my request (this woman is literally the best). walking out of the theater:

my grandma: so, how did you like it?

me: i loved it. you?

her: eh. i liked the french diplomat more

i proceeded to laugh hysterically.


her: you have a lot to think about.

me: i do?

her: ….

me: …..oh, wait-

her: i watched a psychological movie with a PSYCHO !!!!

we’re currently driving home while “misty” by johnny mathis plays on the stereo. today has been good.

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