Mainly enjoy genre films and trying to find strange hidden gems. On a Hong Kong fix that will probably last awhile.

Favorite films

  • Tiger Cage II
  • Angel Terminators 2
  • The Top Bet
  • Daughter of Darkness

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  • Horoscope II: The Woman From Hell


  • Battlestar Galactica


  • Rocky IV


  • Rocky


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  • Rocky IV

    Rocky IV


    Sure 30% of it is montage, sure it has the political commentary of a first grader but goddamn this movie is fun and for me easily the most rewatchable of the series. It’s amazing watching it directly after the first how different of a film this is, so fast paced and cartoonish, I love it! 

    My only issue is how they treat Apollo. I don’t mind how they (spoilers) kill him, but he comes across very stupid and arrogant after…

  • Rocky



    I love how the first hour doesn’t feel like a sports movie at all, just an effortlessly charming character drama. The boxing aspect almost feels like an afterthought, it’s just an excuse for Rocky to see what he’s made of. This is underlined by (spoilers for a classic that you should’ve seen by now dammit) the fact he doesn’t even win, it was never about winning, just proving to himself that he could be the best version of himself possible. 

    I’m generally not the biggest fan of feel good cinema but come on, how can you not be uplifted by this film? Just lovely.

Popular reviews

  • The Gambling Ghost

    The Gambling Ghost


    The setup is incredibly clunky but once Grandpa Ghost Sammo gets introduced about 30 minutes in things improve tremendously. A solid time but overall I definitely preferred the other ghostly Sammo movie Where’s Officer Tuba

    There’s a couple of sequences in this where you have Sammo as the main character, his dad and the grandpa ghost all in the SAME SCENE playing off of each other, it’s wonderful. I know from a production standpoint it’d be a nightmare but if the whole movie could’ve been 3 Sammo’s goofing off together this would be an all time classic. 

    My boy Richard Yuen of course comes through as always 🙌🏻.

  • Stallone: Frank, That Is

    Stallone: Frank, That Is


    It feels like the entire point of this documentary was to have Frank Stallone feel better about himself. There’s multiple talking heads assuring the audience “yes really, he’s quite talented, I swear”, it’s a very odd, kind of sad experience to be honest.

    I enjoyed Frank’s constant imitations of his brother, was worth watching for that alone.