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This review may contain spoilers.

It's a good thing Erik Matti said during the film's Q&A that he wanted to do a zombie film kase one of my main concerns is hmm the ppl were acting like savages :( I don't understand the motivation behind the violence :( But maybe it is because there is so much I don't know about buybust operations and the drug war lol charot :( Are the people part of the syndicate kaya they wanted to kill Anne's squad so bad?? ((Also how come almost of them carry guns... 😢🤔)) (((Also also: Is it alright to portray the ppl this way 😢)))

>> Other things I noted which were answered somehow by Erik Matti during the film's Q&A:

1. the squad felt like a circus troupe wahaha - He said he wanted it to be na madali sila madifferentiate from one another?? Or basta gusto nila sila maging different But lol they look like a couple of clowns the first time we see them Or like pinagsama-samang tao na ano magcacater sa iba't ibang market parang boy group wahaha (pero feeling ko ganun din naman siguro gusto nila parang Avengers?? different superpowers????) Aahh it was hard to sympathize with any of them Hmph

2. Waahh Erik Matti said it was interesting to see the audience's reaction to the violence sa film lol I noted "People are basically cheering kung anong ~best~/most violent way to kill someone" They were clapping when Vera's character cut a girl's head tas iniisip ko lang bakit huhu bakit nya yun ginawa Is it for survival Are they really allowed to do that as a PDEA officer charot wahaha Is the girl the real villain here?? Ang mga tao ba sa Gracia chereret ang tunay na kalaban haha charot

Anyway, I thought it was too all over the place 😐 and it was poorly written 😢 It felt like watching a video game and it really went on and on and though there were a lot of casualties, parang di nauubos yung tao lol

Tas kase di ko maintindihan yung maraming bagay, sinusubukan ko sya iangat at hindi masyado iground sa "reality" pero feeling ko sinusubukan pa rin kase nila siyang ibaba I mean they had PDEA ppl, PNP ppl as consultants so some of these things might be true, right? 😓 Di ko alam talaga gagawin approach wahahahuhu haaayy the ppl sa theater seemed to enjoy it tho Action movies are back i guess??? 

PS Their neon lights sa slums are wrapped around electric wires and it is raining and no fire started im just

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