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After years since I first saw this movie, I decided to review it yesterday to see if my opinion changed, or if it remained the same. I guess I can say that my opinion has changed a lot. Looking at it now I realize that "Blade runner" is not a movie that you will understand in the first watch, it's not an easy movie to understand, and not because the movie's story is super complex, no, it's not. What is complex are the themes that Ridley Scott brings to the film, and for me those themes will be perceived according to his life experience. You won't understand everything if you watch this movie at 15, maybe you don't understand all the complexity even at 30. It is time that will show this to you according to your experiences. There are so many incredible things that this movie brings, so many sensations and so many different feelings... I think Roy's monologue left me much more impacted this time, because after the monologue, you start to look at the film with different eyes, see certain situations in different ways. I was emotional at the time because it's a scene that transcends and you start to see life in a different way. You start to think that when you die, everything you've been through, all the wonderful moments you've lived will be lost in time and die along with you. It's very sad to think about it, but it's part of the cycle. The important thing is to enjoy these moments.

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