Portrait of a Lady on Fire

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This review may contain spoilers.

Found myself under the spell of this film once again, completely immersed in everything it put in front of me. I felt every emotion, from laughter and happiness, to tears, to anxiety, to frustration for the women.

My heart skipped and truly wouldn’t calm down until about the 3rd act. Anticipation for what’s to come? Or maybe just the intense chemistry radiating off the screen. It affects me. Deeply.

Also, my respect for these women has (idk how even MORE) but skyrocketed since the first watch because of all the research I’ve done on the film. The actresses, the director, the female crew. 🙌 And all their words and reasons for making this.

And once again, I found the two so human and relatable, it was like watching some pieces of my life on screen.

“Don’t Regret. Remember.”

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