The Room

The Room ★★★★★

I finally watched this and I now think that no words of mine can do it justice and only the words from the film itself can do that. For those who have watched the film it would be a trip down your cherished memory lane and for those who haven't the following would be reasons why it is criminal not to see this at least once in your lifetime. So here it goes.


Mark: How was work today?
Johnny: Oh, pretty good. We got a new client and the bank will make a lot of money.
Mark: What client?
Johnny: I cannot tell you; it's confidential.
Mark: Aw, come on. Why not?
Johnny: No, I can't. Anyway, how is your sex life?

Me: Wow!! What a gem that was!! I almost split my sides laughing for this one.


Peter: People are people. Sometimes they just can't see their own faults.

Me: Wow! I get it now. People are people. Peter is better than Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung put together. He just said to Johnny the most underappreciated quote in psych shrink history. People are people is a line which has such a deep and layered meaning to it. I am not intelligent enough to grasp the whole meaning of it.


Lisa: Denny, are you okay? What did that man want from you?
Denny: Nothing.
Claudette: Oh, that was not nothing!
Lisa: Tell me everything!
Claudette: You have no idea what kind of trouble you're in here, do you?
Denny: I owe him some money.
Lisa: What kind of money?
Denny: I owe him some money!
Lisa: What kind of money?
Denny: Everything is okay! He's gone!
Claudette: Everything is not okay. Denny, that is a dangerous man!
Denny: Calm down! He's going to jail!
Lisa: Denny, what kind of money? Just tell me!

Me: Wow! See how beautifully the same dialogue is used to varying effects and increase the intensity of the scene each time they were uttered.


Mark: So can I come in tomorrow, like late afternoon?
Johnny: Absolutely. 8:00?
Mark: Great!

Me: You see the ingenious ambiguity here. He does not tell if it is AM or PM and even if he does it does not make sense.


Peter: Speaking of which, how did you meet Lisa? You never told us.
Johnny: Oh, that's very interesting story, when I moved to San Francisco with two suitcases and I didn't know anyone, and I have, I hit YMCA with a $2000 check that I couldn't cash.
Mark: Why not?
Johnny: Well, because it was an out of state bank. Anyway, I was working as a busboy in hotel, and uh, um, she was sitting, drinking her coffee, and she was so beautiful, and I say hi to her, and that's how we met.
Mark: So, I mean, what's the interesting part?
Johnny: Well, the interesting part is that on our first date, she paid for dinner.

Me: :O *stun silence and then laugh*


Johnny: [walks into flower shop] Hi.
Flower Shop Clerk: Can I help you?
Johnny: Yeah, can I have a dozen red roses, please?
Flower Shop Clerk: Oh, hi, Johnny. I didn't know it was you.
[grabs bouquet of roses]
Flower Shop Clerk: Here you go.
Johnny: That's me. How much is it?
Flower Shop Clerk: It'll be eighteen dollars.
Johnny: [hands over cash] Here you go. Keep the change.
[grabs flowers and pats dog on the counter]
Johnny: Hi, doggy.
Flower Shop Clerk: You're my favorite customer.

Me: No words just absolutely nothing. I cracked up like a mad man when Wiseau said Hi Doggy.


These are just slices of brilliance from the movie. This a treasure island of such similar brilliances. Also add to the mix Tommy Wiseau's production, Tommy Wiseau's direction, Tommy Wiseau's writing, Tommy Wiseau's face, Tommy Wiseau's hairstyle, Tommy Wiseau's walk, Tommy Wiseau's way of saying motherfucker, Tommy Wiseau's way of saying Chip-chip-chip-chip-cheep-cheep, Tommy Wiseau's way of saying Hi Doggy, Tommy Wiseau's way of saying why why why why why Lisa why why why and the tremendous grief in it and in general Tommy Wiseau's way of saying anything and everything makes this more than just a movie. It is a legendary movie. Tommy Wiseau is more than just a person.

He is a Legend.

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