Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★★

Fantastic Mr. Anderson!

This is cute, brilliant, inventive, vibrant, sharp, sarcastic, full of colour and full of life. Why the cuss did I take so long to watch it? I do not know. But I sure had a swell time with a long, broad smile drawn on my face as that of a kid who had a bucket full of ice cream in his hands.

The dialogues are quick, cheeky and intelligent marked with the characteristic Wes Anderson style quirkiness and distinction. He has done a great job in converting the Dahl’s timeless children’s book into a stop motion animation film which is well suited and wholly enjoyable for both the kids as well as the adults. This film so nonchalantly brought out the fun loving kid in me and simultaneously had the warm glow of a good family drama. Everything was perfect.

The voice cast deserves the highest praise. Apart from the usual Anderson picks this film features the strengths of Clooney and Streep. And they were amazing. Clooney’s deep voice was pitch-perfect for the role. I cannot think for a second who else could have voiced Mr. Fox with such a delectable charm as Clooney did. The rest of the cast are terrific too with their voices blending in with the nature of the animals, their stature and their personalities.

The stop motion animation was just a treat for the eyes and more important than anything else a refreshing change. It worked so well with the theme of the story and was one of the important traits of the film emanating the children’s book feel. Richly complimenting the visual allure is the hearty backstory blessed with the adorable family elements ingrained in it. Be it the father son bonding or the youthful competitive jealousy between the cousins this film had it all and everything felt so sweet and endearing.

Fantastic Mr.Fox is funny, charming, delightful and endlessly quotable. I was flushing with kiddish enthusiasm from the word go and it filled my heart with glee and cheer. Thank you Mr. Anderson for making this film and making us all feel so happy.

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