Spencer ★★★½

I love the way this film looks. Shot on film but using modern techniques, capturing the spectacular production design with such beautiful cinematography and intimate editing. Although Kristen Stewart does still carry some of her phony mannerisms from Twilight, she's given an abundance of scenes in which to shine and rise above her sour beginnings, even above the likes of Timothy Spall, Sean Harris and Sally Hawkins, who themselves give great performances. Narratively speaking, however, Spencer does not quite live up to its potential, because while Diana's own torment is explored impeccably, the parallels made with Anne Boleyn definitely veered far too much into absurdity with all those silly apparitions. Nevertheless, this is certainly a well made film with a strong lead performance - although I seriously wish my cinema would just let me watch The Last Duel and Last Night in Soho instead.

I give Spencer... a C3+

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