The Northman

The Northman ★★★★

In this True Blood origin story Alexander Skarsgård's Eric Northman is, of course, the titular Northman and he's got some vengeance on his mind. Skarsgårds performance in this is definantly more animalistic and quiet than the quipy and outspoken vampire he would later become but he is certainly no less sexy! I will say that in the hundreds of years between this origin story and him becoming the sherrif of Area 5 his lack of carb intake, because of an blood only based diet, definantly took his body from bulky and explosive to a more lean and defined one.

Story wise this was quite a departure from the Alan Ball led series as it had a much more serious tone and even though True Blood never shied away from an arterial spray or the goopy mess of a staked vampire, this film grounds the gore in a more realistic fashion; no less shocking, just different. The pacing was certainly something to get used to as was the lack of a comedic element. I know that pretty much all of the other True Blood characters are not alive in the time this is set but a quipy and sexy mead hall owner could have livened things up or maybe a young and sexy were-panther as a sidekick to add some levity.

My main issue with the film is the love stories. We get a love triangle that turns into a straight line real damn quick and Eric Northman falling in love with a Slavic witch. That's it. Look, I'm not really a Sookie stan but at least her super Faerie blood turned everyone's horny level up to 11 and thus everybody's fucking everybody. Apparently Slavic witches are more about monogamy than blood orgies, and that's cool, but it's just a bit of a downer.

All in all I liked it but it did seem like more of a stand alone film than a True Blood prequal and that's probably the best mindset to have going in. I am also very glad that although this largely takes place in the land of Faeries there was not one lame fireball fight à la season 5!

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