Scream ★★★½

This is a pretty fun movie and is much in line with the feel of 4 more than the predecessors, which I personally appreciate. It gets a bit up its own ass trying to out meta the previous films metaness and the commentary on how to integrate the OG cast while doing all the same pitfalls as other franchises (but is it on purpose as a commentary on other films or just an excuse to pull the same tricks and get away with it or........ who the fuck really cares) it's part of the fun and what's it matter if things get a bit sweaty.

The kills are great, Dewey is great, Jack Quaid is great and inexplicably empty after hours hospitals are always great!

Note: Laila declared this to be her favorite Scream film, then did a quick caveat to say nothing can beat the OG since it laid the foundation..... but I know what lies in the heart of Laila. (This her her favorite now).

My no. 3 for what it's worth.

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