This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

what the what? thats right, letterboxd is officially in the adult film game! it's OH-FFICIALLY hot 'boxd summer!

yep, unlike only-fans this site actually supports free speech* & expression* without censorship** or restraint** so they flexed on the haters and got their besties @vinegarsyndrome to curate a limited, select list of hardcore XXX films they happen to also sell on blu-ray! noice! in case you don't know @vinegarsyndrome they're like the criterion collection of extremely twisted movies you'd NEVER hear about otherwise. wanna be a cult cinephile? now you don't have to look for weird movies - just sit back, relax and let them pick everything out for you. and, um, friendly reminder that adult cinema has been marginalized over the years by censors & prudes until @vinegarsyndrome & everybody's bae letterboxd finally made it available to us. welcome to SEX WORLD the first ever pornographic feature to get a 4K ultra HD release for only $43.98 & for a limited time save 10% on your order (before shipping) with code LETTERBOXD and zero! f*cks! given! <<2021 mantra?? yeah i'm thinkin' so

big thanks to the homies at letterboxd for unlocking my app and the stylishly subversive cinephiles at @vinegarsyndrome for sending me some of their craziest most f*cked up movies (nothing too gross or weird) that are bonkers ridonk but also highkey straight fire. free pornography? maybe its time to @vinegarsyndrome and chill!

(business note: mindgeek, the luxembourg-based owner of pornhub, redtube, youporn, reality kings, brazzers, MILF hunter, & dozens of related video sites, got over $350 million in capital from mainstream investors including jp morgan chase, cornell university & fortress investment group LLC, who forgave president trump's $130 million loan on trump hotel chicago & gave jared kushner another $150 million - um wow! adult cinema is booming! think we can get elon or les to invest in letterboxd?)

im serious yall, what letterboxd is doing, is so important right now. its seriously important. listen to this, listen. did you know some teens (or "pura-teens" as i've seen them ever-so-delightfully called by some of our, let's say, sharper-tongued vinegar syndrome blu-ray collectors) don't even think there should be sex scenes in movies? excuse me, whizz-aaat???? ummmm, sorry KAREN, our faves @ letterboxd disagree! maybe we're too busy watching adult cinema or having freaky sex! show your support for letterboxd telling these teens to "f*ck off" by upgrading to PRO! in my opinion any XXX movie with a blu ray release from vinegar syndrome should automatically be allowed on letterboxd, just sayin, sorry not sorry.


guess what, if you're age 18+ (sorry "pura-teens") you can win 4 packs of pornographic blu-rays or DVDs from letterboxd and @vinegarsyndrome right now! letterboxdies, just log or review any adult title in august or september (more like SEXtember, amirite?) tagged with 💦💦💦 the squirter emoji (LOL!) holy crap thats right the (water) emoji 💦 its squirt or maybe cum 💦 so just think about letterboxd when u cum 💦 letterboxd: a movie cum-pany! 💦💦 hehehehe im telling on myself but what! 💦 going to hell for laughing at this!! 💦 getting yr sexuality & identity tied up in consumerist social media? thats skeet skeet to me! 💦💦💦 but make SURE you follow the letterboxd terms & conditions* to watch these pornos! listen to me, seriously, the most important thing with letterboxd, i'm not kidding, is you gotta follow the script, this is really serious. it's so important. i'm not kidding. you cant watch your porn unless you follow the rules! 💦💦💦 rule #1 mediate yr physical sexuality thru data-collection, commodified fake-activism, plastic disc hoarding & smartphone addiction LOL 💦💦💦 & make sure to get in before they sell to amazon in 2022! um, i bet if tarantino was doing this challenge he'd tag some movies about feet!

now can we PLEASE get Mondo Tees to make us some vintage adult puzzles and pornstar vinyl toys (can somebody say vinyl-ger syndrome? *smirk*). yup, this contest is awesome, just gonna leave it at that. enjoy! thanks! enjoy!