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  • Don't Let Her In

    Don't Let Her In


    pretty cool movie! finally a slow-burn apartment-horror polanski homage where a guy with a mishka eyeball patch's gf talks about how green smoothies make her "fart like a trumpet." nah actually its kinda cool to do a rosemary's baby from the perspective of a hot, young LA-wiccan minnie castavet ("shes just a gothed-out nerd!") who occasionally turns into a creepy jersey devil goatface with a sacrificial knife "out of lord of the rings" cuz despite a cast of literally 4…

  • Betty Boop's Hollywood Mystery

    Betty Boop's Hollywood Mystery


    Betty boop kicks so much ass. would you sign a contract to put your brain in a new body made of corpses after a car accident or something? i love cartoons.

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