Let's Scare Julie

Let's Scare Julie ★★★½

I may be in the minority, but I found this movie to be effective. The one-take real-time style of the filming gives this movie a pace that I appreciated, and just the hints of the house across the street being haunted, without the bogging down of backstory, was enough to push the plot to the inevitable horror that happens when they go there without wasting our time.

The title is of course a reference to Let's Scare Jessica to Death, but just picture it as a reverse of that movie, and you're following the antagonists instead. Throw in some Blair Witch Project and Fright Night in for good measure, and it'll give you an idea.

The last 10 minutes gets a little messy and loses it's charm a little, but everything up til it had me hooked. The characters may have been a little annoying, but teenagers are annoying, so what can you do? At least this movie is honest with them.

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