Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ★★

The script is an absolute convoluted mess. So much world building and setup. Just start the movie.

I feel so bad for Cumberbatch. After his powerhouse greatness in Power of the Dog, all he does in these movies is explain goofy nonsense to the viewer and occasionally poses for a fight.

America Chavez has so little actual agency besides being a macguffin. Kevin Feige is blabbering on like he's a queer icon for making her LGBTQ, yet I missed any reference to her being so. I mean obviously that doesn't need to be drawn out, but if you're not gonna make that part of the plot, can Feige please stop talking like he made My Own Private Idaho.

Like all MCUs, too much exposition dumping, too many winks to the past movies and "humor" which is really just references disguised as jokes.

And this is probably my least favorite Sam Raimi movie ever, as much as it is his movie. But keep in mind I kinda appreciate the trolling hilarity of Spiderman 3, so don't @ me.

For long stretches I forgot he was the director. An occasional dutch angled quick zoom, minor Evil Dead visual reference, or a mention of the Detroit Tigers would remind me. But come on, are we so suffocated by this enterprise that we're gonna act like this is some sort of auteurism.

Here are the positives: Bruce Campbell cameo is awesome and Elizabeth Olsen rocks. Her Carrie-inspired spree I was into.

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