Attack of the Hollywood Clichés!

Attack of the Hollywood Clichés! ★★★

This movie is kinda pointless but fun too.

Cool story. One time I made a movie I was proud of. I mean it was horror and kinda crass, but I thought it was good. Anyway at the local Midwest film festival here where I live it lost to a movie where a character had an epiphany at the end they were in love and they ran to tell the person they loved. I was like yo this is stupid af. But people were like you're just bitter and angry (that part is true) this movie is sweet and beautiful! The character *sniffles* ran because they realized *holding back tears* they were in love *wailing crying*.

I was like, fuck y'all, how about I make a movie where a character realizes they're in love and they run to confess it but the run just keeps going and going. Like they have to go through traffic, they run through kids crossing the street, they go through an American gladiator competition, they momentarily have to go through some trenches. It'll be 80s romance meets 1917. Then maybe I'll get some love at this Midwest film festival! And you sheep will just cry!!

Then they all looked at each other and shook their heads. I was like I SEE THAT!

Anyway I never did that movie, but I appreciated this movie made fun of the third act run to confess they're in love.

Also I like Rob Lowe.

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