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  • Hellzapoppin'
  • A Face in the Crowd
  • Harakiri
  • Violent

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  • Cactus in the Snow


  • Mickey 17

  • Not Okay

  • A Sneaky Boer


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  • Cactus in the Snow

    Cactus in the Snow


    Quaint story about a pair of misfits hooking up for a one night stand that develops into a memorable weekend. For a movie that starts out with a silly premise, there is some questionable inclusion of troubling subject matter. While the tone is erratic at times, it gradually stabilizes into something deeper and more earnest. The final third is the film’s strongest. 

    The two promising young leads were fine and had decent chemistry. It’s notable that their careers went in…

  • Mickey 17

    Mickey 17

    Dark Side of the ‘Moon’ (2009)

Popular reviews

  • The Innocence

    The Innocence

    While the Philistines and Filmbros will fail to keep up with the 21 hour run time, true  Cinemaphiles would appreciate the artistic mastery of The Innocence and beg to experience more. The good news is that this is a film that reveals new layers every single time you watch it again. 

    The Innocence harkens back to the Golden Age of Cinema, a refreshing change from the current state of the industry. Today, Neanderthal fanboyz impress themselves by breezing through franchise series ‘movies’.  But what…

  • China Rich Girlfriend

    China Rich Girlfriend

    I thought/hoped that the sequel would be “Crazy Poor Asians”, about the the millions of Asians living in poverty without sufficient health care, indoor plumbing and other basic services?